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Bad Ass Women

Bad ass women

Sarah Bonner: ex-party girl turned vegan triathlete. Canadian expat living in Banyoles, Catalonia, Spain. Writer, vegan cook/baker, unicorn lover – the badass woman who’ll kick your ass in the water, on the bike, running, and probably darts too. She’s good at pretty much everything she does, and she’s tough as nails.

Take a look at Sarah Bonner in her fashionable print cycling kit complete with ice cream cones and unicorns and you don’t immediately think that she’d chew you up and spit you out before you can blink, but as a competitor, that is exactly what will happen. Don’t believe us? Sign up for the next race on her schedule. We dare you.

Off the tri course, Sarah is just a normal Canadian – that is exceedingly nice. For our production with her, she even showed up with a fresh batch of vegan muffins for the whole crew. She then proceeded to ride, run and swim all over her adopted home training routes without so much as breaking a sweat… or so it seemed.

You can tell this woman is one tough cookie (not a reference to her kit). Throughout our interview with her, it’s apparent that she has had to fight for everything that she has accomplished, and that’s a long list. Our short film on what it means to be a female athlete comes out right here on Surged on 25 March. Don’t miss it. In the meantime, stay up to date and follow Sarah at @sarahkimbonner on Instagram.

Reprinted from Surged Media. Check them out to discover more bad ass women and men.

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