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Power Couple: My New Felt IA


“I was triathlete now and a triathlete needs a triathlon bike. Something built for speed, geared for triathlon and suited to my aero needs,” I explained to myself as I left Pippi stripped down in the dark of my parent’s garage. As I left her, I felt just as alone.

Putting myself in the market for a new bike was overwhelming. Things had changed since the last time I was looking. There was new technology and I no longer had to abide by UCI-rules. I was also in the market for a different type of relationship. I didn’t want to just buy my way in this time. I felt like I had earned the option to have someone love me back equally. I flirted with many brands, sending sponsorship proposals to companies that seemed to fit my needs and style. There were several first dates, a few seconds but then I met Felt.


When you meet someone special you know. There is a mutual attraction and things just seem to fall into place. Within a few weeks of meeting, Felt Canada and I had started something and, I can tell, it’s real love.

I can’t keep my hands off my new Felt IA. Integrated Aero? More like Insanely Aero. The attention to detail is impeccable, it accelerates like an animal, and, I’ll just say it, it looks hot. I feel amazing when I’m riding it and, when I’m at home and it catches my eye, I can’t believe it’s mine.


It’s not just the physical bike, though, it’s having the support of a company too. The security of a long-term commitment, the support of my goals, and the mutual respect for each other’s needs creates an environment that breeds success. Talk about a match made in heaven.

Version 3

Warm-hearted thanks to Felt Canada and Rick’s Bike Repair for teaming up with me for the 2016 season. 


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