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Eat. Sleep. Rehab.


Rehab on the rugby field.

Apparently time doesn’t heal all wounds. I figured after a long break my injuries would heal themselves. One week back into training, however, made me realize that wasn’t the most sound logic.

I was amped, keen, ready, and excited to hit the ground running, cycling, and swimming but it turned out to be more like ready, set, rehab. It only took about an hour on my bike to realize my knees were not better. Maybe I shouldn’t have expected to do nothing and be miraculously healed but, nevertheless, the prospect of more rehab was depressing. It was back to leg raises, bum clenches, and  walking instead of running.

Walking, walking, walking, walking...

Rehab includes a lot of walking.

Feeling like I was at square -1, I ventured off to a biokineticist. Armed with some new information and a new rehab regime, I went home to sell my race entries and hide my racing shoes. This was the last time my knees were going to slow me down so it had to be all or nothing. So, for the next 8 weeks I’m doing nothing nothing but eat, sleep, rehab. 

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