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Volunteer of the Year!

Very honoured to be named Volunteer of the Year by the Westport Arts Council! 

Reposted from Westport Arts Council


Westport Arts Council recognizes and celebrates our VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR 2016! Ms. Sarah Bonner is Westport Arts Council’s Volunteer of the year. Sarah has been volunteering for us for over four years. She manages our social media and is responsible for our amazing website and now our print media. Her creative talent, hours of work, computer skills, sense of humour and patience are an integral part of our team. The hours Sarah spends on keeping us linked with the broader audience while living and working abroad as a writer and professional athlete has increased our social presence and made an impact on our arts community. “Volunteering for WAC allows me to give back to my home town even though I am not there all the time. I have always considered Westport my home base and recognize how important the arts are. WAC is a great group of people and a fun team to work with.” says Sarah. A heartfelt “Thank you!” goes out to Sarah for giving so much and expecting nothing in return. A true volunteer! Sarah was also recognized in August as WAC’s volunteer for The Village of Westport.

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