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Roasted Potato & Corn Soup

Roasted Potato and Corn Soup...with a dash of local French flavour.

Roasted Potato and Corn Soup…with a dash of local French flavour.

There is always a moment when you realize you’re becoming a local in a new place. When I moved to South Africa it was when I started saying “ja” instead of “yeah.” Last year in Holland I definitely felt Dutch when I successfully balanced 18kgs of groceries on my town bike. This week I finally felt French when I stopped by the local boulangerie patisserie to pick up a baguette on the way home.

Besides getting my fill of baguette, French Provincial Herbs have made it into many of my dishes, including my potato corn soup. My “maïs et pomme de terre” soup is simple, vegan, and very filling. It makes the perfect meal after cold, rainy base ride and is best served, you guessed it, with fresh baguette.

Getting my baguette on...

Getting my baguette on…

Roasted Potato & Corn Soup

Serves two hungry athletes as a main.

  1. 2 cups chopped potato

  2. 1 tbs French Provincial Herbs

  3. 1 tbs lemon juice (preferably fresh)

  4. Olive oil

  5. Crack of Salt and pepper

  6. 2 ½ cups corn (tinned or freshly cooked)

  7. 2 ¼ cups stock

  8. 2 baby rosa tomatoes (optional)

  9. 1 tsp hemp hearts (optional)

  1. Preheat oven to 200. Wash and chop potatoes. Lightly coat potatoes with olive oil and toss with French Provincial Herbs, lemon juice, salt and pepper.


Potatoes with French Provincial Herbs

  1. Roast herbed potatoes until cooked through, roughly 30 min, tossing half way through.

  2. When potatoes are almost done, at 2 cups of the corn to the pan and return to oven. Roast corn and potatoes for 10 min.

Add the corn and return to oven for 10 minutes.

Add the corn and return to oven for 10 minutes.

  1. Transfer potatoes and corn into a large pot (or food processor, if using).

  2. Add 1 cup of stock to potatoes and corn and use a hand blender to puree, gradually adding the remaining stock. Add additional stock if you prefer a thinner consistency.

Garnish with slices of baby rosa tomatoes and hemp hearts.

Garnish with slices of baby rosa tomatoes and hemp hearts.

  1. Warm up the soup on the hob if necessary, otherwise serve and garnish each bowl with a sliced baby tomato, hemp hearts and a light squeeze of lemon.

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