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Product Review: eFit Supportive by eSoles

eSoles offer a range of insertable footbeds suited to different needs and different sports all designed to reduce injury, increase comfort and boost performance by correcting alignment and providing proper support. Based on years of research with athletes, eSoles offer sport specific footbeds (ePro series) and customizable footbeds (eFit series) each with wide variety of options so there is a sole for every type of athlete.

The eFit Supportive eSoles are designed specifically for sports with rigid footwear, including cycling, and focus on correcting alignment for “maximum energy transfer”. They feature interchangeable arch and metatarsal inserts so you can select the support and comfortable fit that you need for each individual foot. In the box, there is a selection of 3 pairs of arch supports of varying height and 2 metatarsal buttons of varying size. The soles themselves, made with a moisture wicking top sheet, offer a gentle cushion and are perforated for breathability. The soles are easily inserted into any cycling shoe after the original insole is removed.

As a rider who has suffered from hot foot, sleepy feet, knee pain and gone through many solutions from new expensive shoes, professional fittings and other insoles, I was keen to give the eSoles a try. I mean if its good enough for Hincapie, Leipheimer and even Kanye West, I figured they were worth it. The cycle shop where I bought the eSoles helped me choose which arch and metatarsal button to start with but the instructions in the box are clear and informative. However, as with most cycling products, it comes down to personal experience so throughout the 4 weeks that I tested the product I gave each arch and metatarsal button and arch combination a try. The cycle shop owner also mentioned that because of the alignment correction the eSoles provide, I may find I could remove one or even both of the wedges that I currently have to alleviate knee pain from misalignment.

At first, the eSoles feel intrusive and strange but after 20 minutes you forget that they are even in there. I was surprised with the amount of support I felt and they gave me a strong sense of energy transfer that reminded me of the first time I cycled in a decently stiff shoe. I did have a bit of discomfort in my knees as I fiddled with the wedges and different arches, but when this happened it was clear I had selected the wrong arch. After a few weeks of fiddling, I found comfort and settled on the original set-up that was suggested to me which was the smallest arch. I did, however, preferred the bigger metatarsal button on each foot as I found it assisted in relieving my sleepy feet. I was also able to take out some of the forefoot wedging I wore previously without suffering any knee pain. Before I used to suffer in races and training rides with sleepy feet and hot foot but the eSoles have remedied this quite well, even on long base training rides and in hot summer temperatures.

If you are in the battle of foot discomfort or you are suffering from knee pain, before you fork out for new shoes, or if you have already with no avail, the eSoles are definitely worth a go. The interchangeable arches finally offer sturdy support for cycling and the ability to customize each foot is a bonus. It may take some time to find the right set-up and adjust but it is well worth the time and the money.

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