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Life is but a (cyclist’s) Dream: Eneco Tour Team Time Trial

You can’t complain when a pro-tour race comes to your doorstep.  Yesterday, the second stage of the Eneco Tour, an 18.9km team time trial, was approximately 6km from my front door. I could practically hear the roaring echo of the disc wheels calling my name.  I couldn’t not go.

We arrived to see Team Liquigas-Cannondale and Team Rabobank warming up. Warming up is just as much part of the spectacle as the main race.  It’s hard to resist the sight of 8 pristine top of of the line bikes, each mounted by a top of the line rider.  Plus, you get to see them for more than a whooshing second.

As if it wasn’t enough that the race had come to us, we managed to find a table at a cafe less than 2 meters from the barriers, approximately 50m from the start.  We enjoyed a post-training lunch and some coffee in the rare Dutch sunshine while each team of eight went flying past.  What can I say, sometimes (a cyclist’s) life is just great.

Our view (and Team Katusha)

 Team Orica Green-Edge took the stage with a time of 21:09.   Click here for a full race report and results. 

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